Vapes offer high-impact results in the convenient form of a small cartridge pen. Because of the pen’s subtle and unobtrusive nature, they are especially portable, easy, and discreet.

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Vapes have grown in popularity in recent years. Including herb, oil, and wax formats, vaping is a low-priced and more discrete choice of cannabis. At Plant Galaxy Dispensary, our team is thrilled to offer a wide selection of vape-related items, catering to every need. To explore the many benefits of vaping, be sure to check out our dispensary in Riverside, CA. 

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When using a vape, the oil is heated enough to produce a vapor. This vapor does not hold an odor like smoke does, and it disappears quickly. In addition, the vape offers a higher level of THC due to the low vapor heat level. Whether you are just starting out with vapes, or a seasoned user, our educated staff are happy to answer your questions.

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